Private Sessions

Private sessions

On this page you will find a diverse range of private sessions givers recommended by The New Tantra. They are independent professionals accredited from TNT’s professional training. The sessions they offer can be effective for furthering or beginning a tantric journey.

These sessions are not for “healing” or therapy. In case of trauma, psychological or medical issues, please seek help from a doctor or licensed therapist instead.

Please note that TNT does not receive any commission from these sessions. However we periodically perform quality controls of the session givers to make sure they comply with TNT’s Code of Conduct.

Session types

TNT Online Coaching

This is a 1-on-1 online coaching session on tantric sex. TNT online coaches have been certified by TNT’s Professional Training and have trained in TNT’s Sexual Deconditioning courses for many years.  He/she will approach you from a non-judgmental space and cater to your specific situation whether you are completely inexperienced, a beginner or an experienced tantric sex practitioner.
An online coaching session can be a good introduction to what The New Tantra Sex is or before attending a workshop if you are feeling unsure and wondering if TNT style tantric sex is for you. This is also a good alternative if you live far away and cannot attend a TNT workshop or book a bodywork session.
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Vaginal and anal de-armouring consists of releasing tensions in the genital muscles using various pressure-point massages. This can help regain the natural sensitivity both in- and outside of your genitals.
This process may aid in the release of pain and/or numbness in those areas, as well as blocked/stored emotions such as shame, sadness, anger and fear, that may be inhibiting the access to your full sexual potential. This process may lead to more satisfying sexual experiences, new and deeper orgasms, and general relaxation in the genitals and your body.
The session giver keeps clothes on during the session to allow maximum attention to your body and your process.
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The New Tantra Massage

The New Tantra Massage is a 2 (-or 3) hour multi-step massage to get more connected with the body and with the flow of sexual sensations. This session aims at going beyond conventional sexuality and guides you into the realm of transcendent sexuality. The massage is designed in steps to open your body up through different massage techniques. It starts with the outer body and can go all the way to internal bodywork (vaginal dearmouring / anal dearmouring / cock massage). The gradual build up allows tensions and blockages to release and your sexual sensations to flow freely in your whole body. In each session you go as far as you are willing to go.
The New Tantra massage is a great way to help kickstart your tantric journey. It can also be a doorway to experience a deep bodily surrender.
The session giver keeps clothes on during the session to allow maximum attention to your body and your process.

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The Intuitive New Tantra Massage

In this intuitive tantric massage session, the bodyworker listens to your subtle body language and supports you to release deeper layers of emotional and physical tensions. Any pain, fear or tensions will be treated carefully in your own pace and in dialogue with you.
This session has the same roots as The New Tantra massage and there will be use of different massage techniques to open your body up, release blockages and help the free flow of sensations circulate through you. However it follows no set structure and each session is different depending on your needs in the moment. You are invited to express your longings within an atmosphere of safety, sensuality and playfulness.
The session giver keeps clothes on during the session to allow maximum attention to your body and your process.
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Tantric Femdom Session

Domination and submission are powerful and versatile doorways into transcendent sexuality. In this session, the TNT-approved Tantric Femdom will invite you to explore your submissive side and help you to relax, recharge and surrender. You may receive new sexual imprints, explore your sexual fantasies and work on getting over your conditioning from shame and guilt.
The Tantric Femdom uses tools like cross-dressing, play and restraint, vaginal/anal dearmouring and vaginal/anal play to guide you out of the conceptual mind and into spaces for deep sexual exploration and transformation. She will hold space for you to come out and show yourself. How deep you can go depends on how much you are willing to let go of control. For men, women or couples.
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Tantric Sex Skills Session (for women or couples)

This is a one-on-one session. You will receive a deep sexual imprint from an Advanced Sex Lover who is highly experienced in how to tantrically open a woman’s body to new sexual sensations.
The session is treated as a sacred ritual in which he fully takes care of you, gently guiding you, intuiting what your longings, fears and hesitations are. Giving you an imprint of tantric lovemaking and teaching you how to surrender into both an open hearted and horny space.
The session allows you to explore what you may have been shy about exploring before, and to step out of your comfort zone in the knowledge that you are being held in a safe, skilled pair of hands, so you can allow your full horniness to emerge and perhaps live out your fantasies, explore roleplay and reversing polarities. The session also allows you to explore your body in new ways. This is an all-inclusive session with full penetration possible.

This is the same as the Tantric Sex Skills for Women, but in this session the woman’s partner is also present. In a safe container with clear agreed boundaries, you will be guided into sexual spontaneity, exploration and relaxation.
Together with your partner you will get a deep sexual imprint from an advanced sex expert, who is highly experienced in how to open a woman’s body to new sexual sensations. This session leaves you with inspiration and practical tools to become tantric lovers. This is an all-inclusive session with full penetration possible.

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Couples session

In a couple session partners learn with clear instructions how to open each others’ bodies, connect playfully in new ways, restore polarity and experience sexuality in a different, deeper and juicy light without being goal-orientated.
This session leaves you with inspiration and practical tools on how to open each others’ bodies up in new ways and how to become tantric lovers.
The session doesn’t involve intercourse.
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Sacred Sex Skills Session (for men)

This session is designed to train men in a variety of skills to become an Advanced Sex Lover. In these one-on-one sessions you will be coached, step by step with theory and hands-on practice, on how to tantrically handle a woman’s body.
Essential skills you will learn are how to be fully present in your body instead of thinking and planning and how to feel into your lover in order to open her body up. You will also find the difference between wanting (being greedy) and giving (serving). In this session you will receive an imprint of a fully open tantric body as a key to serve the woman in your own life. You will get instant feedback and you will learn a lot about the theory, tools and techniques.
This session is an advanced session – open for men that have received a TNT-massage first by one of our bodyworkers. The session doesn’t involve intercourse.
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