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TNT in a nutshell

TNT aims to develop a modern sexuality that abolishes ego inflation, greediness, disrespect and manipulation. This reminds of the celibacy and abstinence practices that are central to many religious and spiritual paths, but without the guilt, obsession and shame that always come with sexual repression. Such practices go far beyond sexuality and stimulate the development of creativity, flow, connection and purpose throughout life. For more information, see the TNT FAQ.

Dear all,

The TNT-Team wants to extend our sympathy to all of you out there stuck in quarantine or battling health issues due to COVID-19. We know so many of you are going through difficult times right now. Whether it is being locked at home with little social interaction, financial fear of the future, struggling with your health or losing loved ones. We are deeply touched by all your losses.

We feel it’s more important than ever to stay connected and keep each other busy with constructive activities in the midst of the quarantine boredom.

This is why we are dedicating the theme for the 2020 Spring season: “How To Be Tantric At Home”.

We will focus on posting lots of different material from articles on our social media, youtube videos, new book, online courses and Tantra challenge (the 21 Day Challenge), etc… for those of you who would like to learn how to practice tantra at home.

Check out TNT’s Youtube Channel and Facebook Group. Hopefully this will make time pass and offer some valuable information to the tantra savvy ones of you.

Much love and courage from the TNT-Team

New book by TNT's founder

Alexa Vartman, the creative founder of TNT and one of the world’s foremost sexologists, is releasing her book 50 Misconceptions of Sex May 12, 2020.

A down-to-earth and unconventional Tantra Sex manual for couples & singles of any orientation, women, men and anyone in between.

Full of constructive solutions, tools, and practices you can start using right away to overcome the most common sexual problems.

50 Misconceptions of Sex contains most of Alexa’s valuable sexual teachings like they are being taught in TNT workshops. Learn to have blissful sex at home unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced.

A must-read for anyone with the slightest interest in sex.

Get your copy now!

Or read more here:

A Tantra for the 21st Century

Creativity, flow and purpose

Throughout the ages, humans have explored many paths to go beyond their limitations and to tap into a greater source of creativity, flow and purpose. These paths include meditation, shamanic rituals, entheogens, extreme sports, pilgrimages and transformational festivals. Tantra is another example of such a path – its main ideas can be found throughout Eastern and Western culture and traditions.

The path of desire

Tantra uses the power of desire in general, and sexual desire in particular, to fuel deep personal transformation and to cultivate creativity, flow and purpose throughout life. Tantra does not require supernatural beliefs or a life as an ascetic monk in a forest, but recognises all elements of the human experience as opportunities – also the controversial ones such as lust, grief, fear or anger. Therefore, tantra is especially suited for the modern world.

A modern tantra

TNT aims to provide a modern interpretation of tantra for the 21st century by creatively integrating traditional Eastern approaches with modern insights from Western philosophy, psychology, psychoanalysis and science. In practice, TNT combines elements from performance arts (music, DJs, venues,…), ancient and modern rituals, BDSM practices and contemporary event culture to create its workshops and rituals.

The integration of all these elements is an ongoing process, and TNT’s practices and workshops are constantly updated for optimality and relevance. TNT is innovative, integrative and open minded but also aims to stay clear of pseudoscience and New Age delusion.

The ecstasy and the laundry

“After the ecstasy, the laundry”, as the saying goes. Life is much more than getting on with chores and routine, but tantra should not turn you into a pleasure-seeking bliss bunny either.

Therefore, TNT offers both expanding, ecstatic workshops and grounding,do the laundry” workshops. Ecstatic workshops make use of transcendent sexuality and modern forms of ritual. Grounding workshops make use of meditation, introspection and finding purpose. Both approaches are integrated and applied throughout daily life using practices based on devotion and transmission.

Please note that none of the workshops require any belief in the supernatural or religious dogma of any kind.

Take your next step

Take a look at the workshop calendar, private sessions page and online video courses.

Check out TNT’s Youtube Channel and Facebook Group.

Before each new workshop read the latest TNT FAQ & TNT’s Code of Conduct

Where to start

  • Workshops
    Typically, you start with the Sexual Deconditioning – Level 1 workshop. This workshop is “clothes on” and forms an accessible introduction to TNT’s approach. If you successfully complete Level 1, you can move on to the Advanced Sex – Level 2 workshop, which is TNT’s flagship. Successfully completing Level 2 provides access to most other workshops. See the calendar and workshop descriptions below for more information
  • Private sessions
    For a hands-on bodily experience in a one-on-one setting, you can choose from a diverse range of private sessions recommended by The New Tantra. The session givers are independent professionals accredited from TNT’s professional training.

The TNT team

TNT was founded in 2010 by the Australian tantra expert Alexa Vartman. During the last few years, a collaborative team has transformed TNT into a dynamic experiment that is continually updated. The TNT team does not consist of so-called “enlightened teachers”, but of motivated workshop facilitators with a wide range of skills who jointly create spaces for exploration and learning.

The aim of these workshops is not healing or therapy, but to provide consenting, responsible adults with the extraordinary experiences that invite embodied transformation, mental expansion and community building. All TNT workshops are accessible and applicable regardless of sexual orientation. TNT workshops attract a wide and diverse audience from all walks of life, both sexual and otherwise.

If this makes you curious and you are up for a challenge in the hands of an experienced team, we look forward to meeting you in one of our workshops.

Workshop Calendar



Workshop Descriptions

Women’s retreat

Prerequisites: none

Sisterhood and its beneficial effects on relationships is the focus of this workshop. You will learn to overcome destructive competitiveness and lack of female presence in order to become a confident and integrated woman.

This is a stand alone workshop that can be taken before or after Sexual deconditioning Level 1. No previous experience needed.

Read more: Women’s retreat description

Level 1: Sexual deconditioning

Prerequisites: none

Developing a relaxed sexuality and moving on to a transcendent, ecstatic sexuality is at center stage in the TNT approach. Level 1 is the entry point workshop where you will learn the basics of how to practice tantric sex in The New Tantra style. 

Level 1 is a clothes on workshop and open for everyone. No previous experience needed.

Read more: Level 1 description

Level 2: Advanced sex

Prerequisites: Passed Level 1

This workshop is clothes-off and features mind-boggling sexually explicit exercises. Here you will learn the essential advanced sex techniques that open up the world of transcendent sexuality. You will have the opportunity to practice independently, with a lover or in the group. You only do what feels good for you and you don’t have to practice with anyone you don’t feel attracted to. This is TNT’s flagship workshop.

Read more: Level 2 description

Domination workshop

Prerequisites: Passed Level 1 & 2

The Domination workshop experientially teaches you how to safely explore the powerful path of embodied domination and submission. Please note that pain is not at centre stage in this workshop and that previous experience in BDSM is not required. 

Read more: Domination workshop description

Sex Skills weekend

Prerequisites: Passed Level 1 & 2

For those who want to dive deeper into sexual techniques in a tantric way. With a combination of theory and hands-on exercises, you will be guided into a relaxed space of exploration with an experienced team of TNT workshop leaders.

Read more: Sex skills weekend description

Level 3: Sexual completion

Prerequisites: Passed Level 1 & 2 and individual approval.

For those who want to explore transcendent sexuality and sexual mastery deeply. You will have the chance to explore and transcend sexual longings and fantasies in a safe setting. You will become more sexually relaxed by learning how to cooperate with the group and by switching the focus from “getting” to “serving”.

Read more: Level 3 description

Level 4: Transmission training

Prerequisites: Passed Level 1 & 2 and individual approval.

Meditative prayer and devotion are some of the most effective and accessible ways to create flow in your life. Prayer is also a doorway to charisma or transmission, which is the ability to inspire and touch people authentically. We teach a non-religious form of prayer that does not require any supernatural beliefs. This workshop features an often mind-blowing “esoteric night”.

Read more: Transmission training description

Level 5: Ego workshop

Prerequisites: Passed Level 1 & 2 and individual approval.

Our lives are often complicated by destructive beliefs and habits. We are often not aware of such patterns or deny their presence. This workshop takes a hard look at these destructive beliefs and habits. It provides powerful tools to move beyond them by learning how to give and receive constructive feedback through working in groups. This is an intense training that requires preparation before and during the course.

Read more: Ego workshop description

Professional training

Prerequisites: Passed Level 1 + 2 + 4 + 5 and individual approval.

TNT holds considerable expertise resulting from its many workshops and its associated body workers. This expertise can be taught and used by workshop leaders, performers, musicians, comedians, public speakers, body workers, sex workers and so on. How can you develop charisma? How can you stay in flow during a workshop? How do you steer clear of unwarranted self-doubt or useless over-planning?

This workshop is run by TNT’s founder Alex Vartman. It is an experiential workshop that allows you to create, evaluate and practice what you want to offer to the world guided by outstanding and unusual expertise. The practice of The New Tantra massage and de-armouring is taught by TNT’s senior bodyworker Frank Bottema (Diesel).


All TNT trainings, online or otherwise, are meant to provide consenting, responsible adults with the extraordinary experiences that invite embodied transformation, mental expansion and community building. TNT’s practices are an ongoing process and are constantly updated for optimality and relevance. Please note that none of our courses require any belief in the supernatural or religious dogma of any kind. For more information, read the latest TNT FAQ & TNT’s Code of Conduct.

Keep in mind that the practices taught in TNT courses are not meant as an alternative to “healing”, therapy or medical treatment. The workshop instructors are not therapists or medically trained. If you have issues, either physical or psychological, please seek help from licensed specialists and professionals instead. You are always 100% responsible for your own safety, health and well-being. You should never feel pressure to do anything that could harm you. Only do what feels comfortable to you.