Level 2: Advanced sex

Workshop description

Level 2: Advanced sex

Forget about boring old “friction-only sex”! Level 2 is where theory from Level 1 becomes clothes-off practice.

This is the top-selling workshop for TNT repeat participants. They regularly come back for more and claim the sexual teachings are nothing short of mind-blowing!

Successful completion of Level 2 provides access to most other TNT workshops.

What will you learn?

Level 2 features mind-boggling sexually explicit exercises. Clothes off practices in a safe setting allow for a deep self-acceptance of ourselves as sexual beings. Move away from goal-orientated intercourse and set yourself up to make love in bliss for hours.

In this setting, you’ll learn how to play with sexual energy on deeper levels. Many sexual problems such as impotence and premature ejaculation (or short lovemaking time) can resolve when we’re able to tune into a different frequency of sexual energy.

Most of us have energy or even physical contractions stored in our bodies. In Level 2, we work with body de-armouring to remove some of these blockages and to get the sexual energy running through the spine. We work with the physical contractions stored in the muscles of the vagina/cervix and the anus. The de-armouring releases these tensions and restores the sensibility to a natural state, giving you full access to your pleasure and opening up the body for new kinds of orgasms and deeper sexual experiences.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to transform darker sexual lust and energies into fully conscious art forms. De-armouring of the body and genitals will help the sexual energy to flow more freely through your body. Get ready to turn lovemaking into spiritual revelation and get liberating glimpses of truly expanded awareness.

Personal boundaries are always a priority and will be respected. Participants have the opportunity to practice independently, with a lover, or in the group. You don’t have to practice with anyone you don’t feel attracted to.

This workshop is led by an experienced team of certified facilitators and tantric professionals. We follow the copyrighted structure originally designed by TNT founder Alexa Vartman.


It’s mandatory to have demonstrated a solid level of maturity and self-responsibility towards yourself and others during Level 1 in order to qualify for Level 2.

Read this blog post for inspiration on how to prepare for Level 1 & 2 workshops.

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