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Study tantric sex at home!

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Study beginner and advanced tantric sex skills as taught in TNT workshops and the book 50 Misconceptions of Sex.

The New Tantra has created a no-nonsense introduction to advanced sexuality with these explicit video courses.

You will learn

  • How to start a non-goal oriented, service-minded tantric sex practice at home
  • How to perform vaginal and anal de-armouring techniques to increase physical sensitivity and pleasure
  • How to switch between your feminine and masculine sides to create passionate attraction (regardless of your gender)
  • How to improve skills such as fuck talk, strap-on sex, anal play, how to induce deeper vaginal orgasms, and more…

You will get

  • Simple and impactful teachings as instructed on TNT workshops from certified workshop facilitators
  • Easy-to-follow videos that can be streamed from your account anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Real demonstration footage with experienced bodyworkers and tantric sex professionals shot in 4K from multiple angles. Includes educational voice-over commentary
  • Access to new bonus videos added over time for your continued learning and engagement
  • A workbook with each course

All Online Courses

21 Day Challenge

21 Day Challenge

Practice tantric sex at home with these free cartoons. Increase your physical sensitivity, libido and attraction to your partner in just 3 weeks.

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Paris smiling and having both her hands out on either side

TNT Fundamentals

Your free gift from The New Tantra! This course offers an introduction to TNT style tantric sex so you can start a safe and successful practice at home.

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Cheshire Cat lying on top of Constantine

Starter Skills

This course offers tantric beginner skills to improve the quality of your interactions, your empathy, sensitivity, and masturbation technique.

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Ass & Cock Skills

Ass & Cock Skills

This course combines cock and ass for everyone’s pleasure. The ass is what unites us all. An underestimated, potent element in tantric sexuality.

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Pussy Skills Hotlips sitting in Diesel's lap

Pussy Skills

If you have a pussy or are a pussy lover, this course may hold some simple, yet powerful keys to unlock her tantric sexual potential. Let’s get wet!

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Polarity & Switching

Polarity & Switching

The art of switching goes far beyond gender. This course plays with the concepts of “feminine” and “masculine” in sex to create juicy interactions.

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Complete Collection

TNT Complete Collection

If you feel attracted to several TNT online courses, check out the Complete Collection. It includes all courses.

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Further Information


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Are the courses for you?

TNT online courses are to be watched, rewatched and studied as part of developing and deepening your tantric sexual practice at home. Mastering these practices has the potential to influence your life well beyond the bedroom.

If at times you encounter one or more of these common challenges, the courses may be for you:

  • feeling bored with your current sex life and missing a touch of magic
  • feeling numb or flat
  • sexual insecurities due to lack of experience and/or knowledge
  • lack of sensitivity in your body and/or genitals
  • lack of ability to feel deeper forms of sexual pleasure
  • tired of feeling tension, fear, contractions, stress, guilt and/or shame
  • little attraction to your intimate partner
  • mismatched sex drives
  • feeling stuck in boring routine
  • unfulfilled sexual fantasies...

You may benefit from these courses regardless of your age (18+), gender, relationship status, sexual orientation or previous tantric experience.

With exception of the Tantric Masturbation and Asswork videos, keep in mind that the skills presented require a willing partner to practice with. The courses are excellent for motivated partners in both new and long-term committed relationships.

If you’re single, studying this material is great preparation for your next date!

You may benefit from the information regardless of whether you are straight / gay / lesbian / transsexual / bisexual / pansexual / queer / etc…

General overview

For detailed content outline, see individual course descriptions.

Beginner courses:

  • When you sign up to the free 21 Day Challenge, you will receive a tantric sex cartoon every day for 21 days in your email inbox. It also includes a workbook with tips on how to succeed with your practice.
  • The workbook and 6 free videos in the TNT Fundamentals course offer an introduction to TNT’s approach to tantric sex.
  • The Starter Skills course includes explanation and demo videos to tantric sex skills from TNT Level 1 workshop, and a workbook.

Advanced courses:

  • Pussy Skills
  • Ass & Cock Skills
  • Polarity & Sexual Switching

These courses include a selection of tantric sex skills instructed in 2 parts.

Part 1: explanation videos. The skills are explained by certified TNT workshop instructors who use straightforward language and talk about “cocks” and “pussies”.

Part 2: demonstration videos. The skills are illustrated with graphic demonstrations from professional tantric bodyworkers, gigolos and FemDoms. The demos are shot in 4K from multiple angles and feature additional voice-over instructions. These explicit videos offer inspiration and a visual imprint on how to perform the skills at home.

In addition, each advanced course includes a workbook and access to new bonus videos that get added over time.

After purchase, the videos can be streamed with an active internet connection and watched anytime, anywhere, from any device.


No therapy or medical healing

Keep in mind that the practices taught in TNT online courses are not meant as an alternative to “healing”, therapy or medical treatment. The instructors and models are not therapists or medically trained. If you have issues, either physical or psychological, please seek help from licensed specialists and professionals instead.

Consent & self-responsibility

The New Tantra expects and requires all course participants to engage in respectful, consensual sexual activity between adults only. We stress that you as a course participant must be responsible for your own safety, health and well-being. You should never feel pressure to do anything that could harm you. Only do what feels comfortable to you. TNT reserves the right to ban anyone that breaches our code of conduct from our platforms without warning.

No focus on ejaculation and clitoral orgasms

TNT online courses instruct non-goal oriented sexuality and don’t support the goal of ejaculation and/or clitoral orgasm in the videos. We highly recommend that you complement all online courses with the free 21 Day Challenge to learn the practice of abstaining from “spasm/peak orgasms”.

No relationship fix

TNT online courses instruct on tantric sexuality. Having a good sex life and improving your skills as a lover may greatly benefit the overall relationship quality and connection with your intimate partner. However, please note that the instructors are not relationship experts. They don’t address relationship issues, nor how to fix them. Do not buy these courses in the hope that they will bring a solution to all your relationship problems. Certain deep-going patterns may not be solved with a sex course alone. Refer to specialists in this field instead.

Unrealistic expectations

Keep in mind that the people featured in the videos (at the time of filming) have been practising TNT-style tantric sex for at least 5 years each. A lot of what they are presenting is quite advanced. If you are just starting out, be patient with yourself. It’s normal to not feel much in the start as it takes some time to learn these new skills. There is no guarantee that what you will see in the videos will happen to you in the exact same way. If you keep implementing the practices little by little, you may notice gradual changes in your sex life. But expectations from your part could slow down or sabotage your progress. We encourage you instead to practice faith without expectations.

These courses are not perfect

We don’t claim to have all the answers or that these courses are perfect and suited for everyone. TNT’s practices are an ongoing process. We are continually updating the content for optimality and relevance. Please also note that none of our courses require any belief in the supernatural or religious dogma of any kind. For more information, read the latest TNT FAQ & Code of Conduct.

Strict return policy

The New Tantra asks all potential course participants to carefully decide before purchasing any of our online courses. You will have to tick a checkbox at checkout to agree with the terms of this return policy.

The entire online course service is provided directly and constitutes online digital content that you can stream from your account after purchase. Therefore, if you have already started streaming and watching the videos, you agree that you lose your right of withdrawal by starting the performance.

Unless our system has not registered a video streaming, we are unable to offer refunds if you change your mind. Please read the product description and software requirements carefully.

Further, The New Tantra does not refund products, if:

  • You no longer need the purchased product.
  • You found another product you like better or you’ve changed your mind.
  • You cannot use the product due to hardware limitations
  • You cannot use the product due to software limitations
  • You cannot use the product due to insufficient knowledge / know-how
  • We do not make any guarantees for product use with cracked or illegally downloaded software.
  • All bundle offers and course combination packages are sold on an ‘as-is’ basis. Unless they fall under the refund specifications below, no full or partial refunds will be entertained on the individual courses constituting the bundle offer or course package.

Limited refund availability:


  • If you haven't started watching any of the videos of your purchased online course yet, you can request a refund within 14 days of your purchase.
  • If your online course is defective, unavailable, doesn't perform as stated, or for duplicate purchases, you can request a refund within 65 days of your purchase.
  • If you return an unwatched online course for a refund or store credit within the required time limits, the access will be removed from your account and you will not be able to watch it.
  • Products purchased on sale or with prepaid gift cards or with store credit are ineligible for refunds. A store credit will be (re)issued only when a product is proven to be faulty and can not be reasonably repaired.

Instructors and models


We thank our friend and consultant Wimbledon aka Chris for initiating, organising and supervising the filming of this project. The online courses wouldn't exist without him.

We also thank our adept video maker Bruce Lee for filming and tirelessly editing, Ernst van Deursen for beautiful photography, and everyone else who helped out on set.

Love ya long time!