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The New Tantra has created a no-nonsense introduction to advanced sex with these online courses. Study the skills as taught in TNT workshops and 50 Misconceptions of Sex.

Please note: the videos are explicit! The instructors and models actually demo everything in real life, not just on props.

TNT online courses are to be watched, rewatched and studied as part of developing and deepening your tantric sexual practice at home. Mastering these practices has the potential to influence your life well beyond the bedroom.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

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21 Day Challenge

21 Day Challenge

Practice tantric sex at home with these free cartoons. Increase your physical sensitivity, libido and attraction to your partner in just 3 weeks.

Paris smiling and having both her hands out on either side

TNT Fundamentals

Your free gift from The New Tantra! This course offers an introduction to TNT style tantric sex so you can start a safe and successful practice at home.

Cheshire Cat lying on top of Constantine

Starter Skills

This course offers tantric beginner skills to improve the quality of your interactions, your empathy, sensitivity, and masturbation technique.

Ass & Cock Skills

Ass & Cock Skills

This course combines cock and ass for everyone’s pleasure. The ass is what unites us all. An underestimated, potent element in tantric sexuality.

Pussy Skills Hotlips sitting in Diesel's lap

Pussy Skills

If you have a pussy or are a pussy lover, this course may hold some simple, yet powerful keys to unlock her tantric sexual potential. Let’s get wet!

Polarity & Switching

Polarity & Switching

The art of switching goes far beyond gender. This course plays with the concepts of “feminine” and “masculine” in sex to create juicy interactions.

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Complete Collection

TNT Complete Collection

If you feel attracted to several TNT online courses, check out the Complete Collection. It includes all courses.

Instructors and models

Thank You

We thank Wimbledon for initiating and organising the filming of this project. The online courses wouldn't exist without him.

We thank our video maker Bruce Lee for filming and editing, Ernst van Deursen for photography, and everyone who helped out on set.

We thank you who buy these online courses. May they bring more magic to your sex life.

Love ya long time!
The TNT team