What is TNT?

What is The New Tantra?

What is TNT?

TNT in a nutshell

The New Tantra was founded in 2010 by tantric sexologist Alexa Vartman. Since 2017, it’s run by the TNT team in The Netherlands. TNT offers a range of workshops, online courses and private sessions in several countries that continue to attract a wide and diverse audience from all walks of life.

Creativity, flow and purpose

Throughout the ages, humans have explored many paths to go beyond their limitations and to tap into a greater source of creativity, flow and purpose. These paths include meditation, shamanic rituals, entheogens, extreme sports, pilgrimages and transformational festivals. Tantra is another example of such a path – its main ideas can be found throughout Eastern and Western culture and traditions.

The path of desire

Tantra uses the power of desire in general, and sexual desire in particular, to fuel deep personal transformation and to cultivate creativity, flow and purpose throughout life. Tantra does not require supernatural beliefs or a life as an ascetic monk in a forest, but recognises all elements of the human experience as opportunities – also the controversial ones such as lust, grief, fear or anger. Therefore, tantra is especially suited for the modern world.

A modern tantra

TNT aims to provide a modern interpretation of tantra for the 21st century by creatively integrating traditional Eastern approaches with modern insights from Western philosophy, psychology, psychoanalysis and science. In practice, TNT combines elements from performance arts (music, DJs, venues,…), ancient and modern rituals, BDSM practices and contemporary event culture to create its workshops and rituals.

The integration of all these elements is an ongoing process, and TNT’s practices and workshops are constantly updated for optimality and relevance. TNT is innovative, integrative and open-minded but also aims to stay clear of pseudoscience and New Age delusion.

The aim of TNT practices is not healing or therapy, but to create a modern practical Tantra suitable for the minds of the 21st century.

The ecstasy and the laundry

“After the ecstasy, the laundry”, as the saying goes. Life is much more than getting on with chores and routine, but tantra should not turn you into a pleasure-seeking bliss bunny either.

Therefore, TNT offers both expanding, ecstatic workshops and grounding,do the laundry” workshops. Ecstatic workshops make use of transcendent sexuality and modern forms of ritual. Grounding workshops make use of meditation, introspection and finding purpose. Both approaches are integrated and applied throughout daily life using practices based on devotion and transmission.

Please note that none of the workshops require any belief in the supernatural or religious dogma of any kind.

Founder Alexa Vartman

Since 2001, the Australian tantra expert Alexa Vartman has taught and travelled the world to extensively study tantric lineages and different spiritual traditions.

In 2010, she founded The New Tantra through which she developed a curriculum of workshops affecting thousands of people with ground-breaking sexual practices and an extravagant range of mind-boggling exercises.

As a genderfluid person, Alexa embraces every kind of sexual expression in her tantric teachings, from light to dark, masculine and feminine. She has a gift for translating advanced spiritual concepts into modern, easy-to-understand, accessible practices.

TNT’s success is to be attributed to Alexa’s innovative and distinct no-nonsense rock-and-roll attitude. Unashamed and outspoken, she has conducted hundreds of speeches and courses in over 15 countries.


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What TNT offers

The 21 Day Challenge

TNT’s 21 Day Challenge is a free cartoon series that encourages you to explore tantric sex in the comfort of your own bedroom. Anyone can try, no matter what gender, sexual orientation or relationship status.

Practitioners report that some of the benefits are:

  • Increased libido and sexual stamina
  • Increased attraction to their partner
  • Better mood and higher energy levels
  • Increased sensitivity and ability to feel pleasure
  • Juicier sex overall

Sign up for free on 21daychallenge.com.

The Book 50 Misconceptions of Sex

TNT founder Alexa Vartman has gathered all of TNT’s tantric teachings in her book 50 Misconceptions of Sex.

These modern tantric practices were developed over 20 years of study and exploration. Alexa successfully taught them on workshops to thousands of men & women (and anyone in between) with long-lasting effects.

Her unconventional Tantra sex manual is full of detailed, constructive tools and practices you can start using right away. A must-read for anyone with the slightest interest in sex.

Check out all book formats in the shop.

Online Courses

With TNT’s unapologetic and explicit online video courses, learn to improve your physical sensitivity and explore various forms of tantric sex at home.

The videos feature in-depth explanations of basic and advanced sexual skills instructed by TNT workshop facilitators and bodyworkers. All the skills are illustrated with graphic demonstrations to give you a visual imprint on how to practice at home.

View all TNT online courses.


TNT offers an assortment of live trainings. Learn highly effective tantric practices in a relaxed group setting, in the hands of an experienced workshop team.

Typically, you start with Level 1 Sexual Deconditioning. This workshop is “clothes on” and forms an accessible introduction to TNT’s approach. If you successfully complete Level 1, you can move on to Level 2 Advanced Sex, which is TNT’s flagship. Successfully completing Level 2 provides access to most other workshops.

View all workshop descriptions and event calendar.

Private sessions

For a hands-on bodily experience in a one-on-one setting, you can choose from a diverse range of private sessions recommended by The New Tantra. The session givers are independent professionals accredited from TNT’s Professional Training.

View all private sessions and search for a session giver in your area.

Youtube & Social Media

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