Code of Conduct

Welcome to TNT’s Code of Conduct

TNT’s Code of Conduct

TNT’s Code of Conduct is regularly updated to ensure maximum safety and consent, while at the same time avoiding the mollycoddling of responsible adults. Please read carefully!

Last updated: 18 June 2024

Code of General Conduct


Adult responsibility

In TNT workshops, we expect and require you to act like an adult. This includes avoiding victimhood and being 100% responsible for your own health, safety and radical self-reliance. If something does not feel right during a workshop, then speak up. To counter the dangers of groupthink, you should never do anything that does not feel right to you by blindly following the group. Do not greatly exceed your comfort zones to minimize the chances of later regrets. You are expected to be able to state your boundaries and say no. One of the first exercises on our Sexual Deconditioning Level 1 workshop is designed to test if you cross your own boundaries and train you to say no. TNT reserves the right to end participation in a workshop of anyone who fails to demonstrate a solid level of maturity in this area.


Discuss the undiscussables

TNT operates on a circle basis and adopts a modern network model that makes use of guided co-creation. During workshops, anyone can speak at any time. There is no hierarchy when it comes to human rights. This includes challenging the workshop leader if something feels off. You will never be reprimanded for respectfully voicing your disagreement, or changing the situation/exercise as required by you. One or both parties will learn from discussing things transparently.


Honest feedback

TNT assumes that the most consistent way to improve people’s lives and create long-term change is with honest feedback – i.e. not pretending people are doing better than they are. TNT follows in the tradition of Crazy Wisdom and can be confronting – if you cannot handle constructive and at times confronting feedback, TNT is the wrong place for you. If you ever wish to stop this process you can use TNT’s universal code word “appletree”.


Mutual consent

TNT workshops require the mutual consent of both TNT and participants at all times. Either party can end participation in a workshop. As a participant, you are welcome to leave the course at any time but please notify a member of staff. No refund will be given. If the workshop leader requests that you leave, TNT will prorate the remaining course fee if greater than 50% and refund the difference to your bank account or credit card within 14 days.



You can of course share your own experience from a TNT workshop but you cannot talk outside of workshops about other participants and facilitators and what they did on a course. Please try to suspend your judgments of others. We take confidentiality very seriously. Any breach of this rule will result in being banned from future events with TNT and in more severe cases legal recourse will be taken.


Recording equipment

Telephones, cameras and other recording equipment are not permitted in the session room during workshops. No photos or audio recording is permitted during the courses. Any breach of this rule will result in being banned from future events with TNT and in more severe cases legal recourse will be taken. As an exception, volunteers may be requested at the end of a workshop for video testimonials.


Medical conditions & mental health

Let a member of staff know prior to a TNT workshop if you have any special medical conditions or psychological needs we should know about. If you currently suffer or have suffered in the past from a mental disorder that can affect your experience in the workshop you are required to report this to the organizer before you attend a TNT retreat. The workshops we offer can be taxing on the nervous system and is not suitable for people who lack a healthy mental foundation. Failure to report any relevant condition (present or past) will automatically be a severe breach of this agreement, and TNT will by no means then be liable for any adverse health consequences that attending a TNT workshop could entail for you.

We take this subject very seriously and therefore want to make it clear that TNT workshops are not meant as an alternative for “healing”, therapy or medical treatment. Please be aware of this before signing up to any TNT courses. In case of trauma and/or mental health issues please seek help from licensed professionals instead.

If you find yourself dealing with a traumatic incident from your past you are of course welcome to any TNT workshops AFTER having concluded a successful therapy treatment and approval by the TNT team.


Safety code word

TNT’s safety code word is “Apple-tree”. You can use this code word in workshops, during group practices, etc.. if you want an exercise to stop altogether.


Response Group (ERG)

The ERG was created in February 2017 as a safety mechanism to make the TNT community as safe as possible. The ERG consists of a team of volunteers from the TNT community. They are independent from the core TNT team and consist of skilled individuals with backgrounds such as psychology, medicine, mediation, coaching and law.

The ERG can be contacted for disagreements, conflicts or misconduct arising from practice dates and events happening during or outside of a TNT workshop, like a TNT organised GP (group practice) or a TNT community event. If resolving an above-mentioned issue directly with the organisers of that event or the person involved does not work out, the ERG may be contacted. Contacting the person(s) involved in the conflict directly should always be considered first, before contacting the ERG.

When a report of an issue comes in, everyone involved is heard and the information is documented by at least two members of the ERG to discuss it with the ERG group afterwards. Based on this discussion, the ERG may offer support, guidance and/or mediation. A case report will be written and shared with those involved. After the case has been handled, the ERG will send the core TNT team the case report with their findings. Based on that, action can be taken by the team (such as banning certain people from attending TNT events or introducing more safe agreements or practices).

Our aim is to constantly strive towards improvement and progress and therefore we welcome feedback. Please note that taking up issues with the ERG first is the default procedure we have chosen to adopt in TNT as usually a neutral perspective and support with the case can be incredibly valuable.

Currently the ERG consists of: Nick Nolte, Woody, Bewitched, Dr. Strange, Go Deeper, Kinky Bell, Meryl Streep, Muse, Rihanna and Scarlett O’Hara.

You can contact the Response Group at: [email protected] or by contacting one of the ERG members individually.

Code of Sexual Conduct


Sexual contact between participants on workshops

On TNT’s Sexual Deconditioning Level 1 course you must keep your clothing on and no hands may go under clothing in the course room. If you decide to have sexual contact with other participants in your private rooms or elsewhere, this is your free choice. Please use condoms and gloves to minimize chances of disease transmission.

On many other workshops (i.e. TNT’s Advanced Sex Level 2, Sexual Completion Level 3, Domination workshop, etc.) you are welcome to have sexual contact with participants, also in the session room. Advanced Sex Level 2 also includes vaginal and anal de-armoring and female ejaculation exercises. This involves participants (and occasionally staff if you are having a problem) offering to enter your vagina or anus with their finger(s). On certain other workshops, sexual contact is not allowed because it distracts from the workshop process (such as during TNT’s Ego workshop). This is specified beforehand. Please check with the workshop organizers if you have any questions regarding sexual contact on workshops.

You will receive a green armband at the start of a TNT course if you can provide an STD-test (sexually transmitted diseases test) performed by a doctor/hospital/sexual health clinic and have not had any risky sexual contact since the test. More details on this are sent to participants on email upon signing up for a retreat. A green armband does not guarantee that the person who you are sexually interacting with is completely disease free. There is no way to have 100% safe sex except abstinence or a closed monogamous relationship. Sexual contact is at your own risk. We recommend to always use protection. You must notify the workshop team and all people you interact with if you have any STD, including any form of herpes and/or genital warts. Before you have any sort of intimate contact (i.e. vaginal, anal, oral sex, etc.) on a TNT course ask the other participant for permission. Never feel obliged to say yes to anyone. Always respect your own boundaries to minimize the chances of later regrets.

If you have a partner at home, please respect any intimate contact agreements you have with them. If you want to change those agreements we ask you to call and discuss this PRIOR to acting.


Sexual contact with staff on TNT workshops

No naked sexual contact (i.e. no exchange of bodily fluids and / or genital, oral or anal penetration) between staff and participants is permitted during our workshops. To reduce participants making up false claims at a later date, any breach of this rule should be immediately reported to staff in the circle before the end of the workshop. Exceptions are paid professional private sessions and the occasional help in certain exercises from an assistant or facilitator with gloves on. Examples of this are during TNT’s professional training of sexual bodyworkers and during TNT’s Advanced Sex Level 2 course which includes vaginal de-armouring, anal de-armouring and female ejaculation exercises. Paid professional private sessions with staff involving genital contact must involve the participant signing a consent form PRIOR to any sexual contact.


Sexual contact with staff outside of TNT workshops

The workshop facilitators of TNT are not permitted to have sexual contact with participants for at least 18 months after they attended their first workshop with TNT. This rule applies to all the workshop facilitators of the TNT team from the date the participant did their first TNT course.

Workshop assistants are not permitted to have sexual contact with participants who attended a workshop they assisted on for at least 3 months after said workshop.

Professional private session givers and anybody who offers TNT-related sessions are not permitted to have sex with a client for 3 months after a session.

Any exceptions to these rules will be rare and need to be reasoned carefully and agreed on by the whole TNT team. Examples of exceptions:
– interacting with participants certified from TNT’s professional training,
– participants who pay for professional private sessions with signed consent form,
– participants who were friends or in sexual relationship with staff before they came to a TNT workshop,
– long-term relationship prospect under consideration and consent from the entire TNT team,
– if a workshop participant progresses to become a staff member because during tantra workshops the staff members are sexually active between each other, including with staff members’ partners.