50 Misconceptions of Sex

Your comprehensive manual to ecstatic tantric sex

The New Tantra founder Alexa Vartman has skilfully put TNT’s sexual practices down in writing in 50 Misconceptions of Sex.

What readers say:

    • “This is one of the best books on good sex and modern Tantra I have read! I actually had to gobble it up in one sitting!”
    • “Almost everyone that has the slightest interest in sex should read it.”
    • “Prepare to have your ego delightfully insulted.”
    • “I laughed out loud so many times”

Available as ebook, paperback, hardcover & audiobook narrated by Alexa Vartman!

Online Course Packages

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Suited for men, women & anyone in between, regardless of relationship status and sexual orientation.

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Guided Meditations

Tools for a quieter mind


Enjoy rare recordings from past workshops with two original meditations by TNT founder Alexa Vartman.

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