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Includes 3 tracks:

  • Outwards Consciousness Meditation – 33:04 min
  • Day Time Dream Yoga Meditation – 21:33 min
  • Questions & Answers – 17:12 min

Originally designed and guided by Alexa Vartman.

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How much of your daily suffering is created by mindfucks? Most people say that there is often a direct correlation between the two.

The Duo Combination is the ultimate TNT meditation package. You can use the OCM and DTDY audios interchangeably in order to help quiet your mind chatter, develop a consistent meditation routine, and enhance the quality of your personal and spiritual practices.

These two techniques complement each other particularly well as they were both designed directly from TNT founder Alexa Vartman’s personal practice and meditation development.

After purchase, stream and listen to the audios from your account as often as you like. It's great for daily or weekly listening. Alternate them as you see fit.

These rare workshop recordings offer a true vintage experience from the early days of The New Tantra organisation.

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