Includes 2 tracks:

  • Day Time Dream Yoga Meditation – 21:33 min
  • Questions & Answers – 17:12 min

Originally designed and guided by Alexa Vartman.


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Day Time Dream Yoga is a technique to transcend your mind, feel less attached to your own story, and get more in touch with Reality.

This session was recorded during a Level 9 Transcendence workshop led by TNT founder Alexa Vartman in October 2016.

We’re excited to offer this unique meditation that was only taught twice on TNT workshops. Unlike the Outwards Consciousness Meditation, the DTDY is less about getting present with your immediate surroundings than it is to become more sensitive to the nature of mind.

Most of the practices that we instruct in TNT are in the realm of Transformation. These are practices at the level of the mind and body that deal with the real world. They help to improve aspects of oneself such as Life Purpose, ego shadow work, sexuality, etc…

With Transcendence practices, we don’t work with the content of the world, but with awareness itself and what the fundamental quality of being alive is. You use this meditation in the laboratory in your own mind to look deeper than just the appearance. You look at the container where content is appearing, exploring the feeling of being aware, and thus experiencing what you are at a deeper level.

This technique is quite advanced and more challenging to master. Therefore, we have included an extract from the Q&A session where Alexa answers questions from practitioners. Thank you to the kind participants who have given permission to have their question featured for everyone’s learning and enjoyment.

After purchase, stream and listen to the audios from your account as often as you like. It's great for daily or weekly meditation practice. We recommend that you commit to listening to the DTDY first thing in the morning when you wake up for some period of time.

You may do this practice lying down, but at the start we recommend that you sit up straight without back support to be ALERT. Be aware of how and where you tense your body in order to relax it. Cross your legs and don’t slouch. If this is physically not possible for you, simply adopt a stable and relaxed posture that doesn’t require any effort. Investigate it.

Please keep in mind that your mind is going to try to copy the “feeling of emptiness”, etc... We advise you to lower your expectations. Don’t compare yourself with the people from this recording. Any feelings of bliss, oneness, or whatever you want to call it, are just a by-product. They may have absolutely no correlation to the actual depth of your meditation.

Don’t block your thoughts or try to change your emotions. Let sadness, joy, or whatever comes up simply be there. Ultimately this is your own personal and unique exploration.

Listen and enjoy.