Includes 1 track:

  • Outwards Consciousness Meditation – 33:04 min

Originally designed and guided by Alexa Vartman.


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Outwards Consciousness Meditation is an effective way to slow down your thoughts, become less preoccupied with yourself, and focus on your external surroundings.

This session was recorded during a Level 4 Transmission Training led by TNT founder Alexa Vartman in June 2014.

Level 4 is a TNT workshop aimed at increasing your empathy by being vulnerable and open. It offers participants tools and practices to learn how to act from non-planned spontaneous intelligent impulses. This may lead to a greater sense of flow in your life.

The Outwards Consciousness Meditation is one of these tools you can practice. After purchase, stream and listen to the audio from your account as often as you like. It's great for daily or weekly listening.

In the start, we recommend that you sit in a meditation posture with your back straight and eyes closed. As you get familiar with this technique, you can extend it to eyes open in your daily life. For example, you may use it when you walk in nature, queue at the supermarket or have sex.

With consistent practice, you may notice that you:

  • become a better listener because you’re less focused on yourself and your own thoughts
  • become more empathic and attuned to the people around you
  • slow down your thinking and movements, and hence it may help soothe and regulate stress
  • use this as a complimentary tool to more easily deal with mindfucks when you’re stressed, nervous or overthinking
  • enjoy the present moment more fully because it makes you aware of the sounds and beauty of your surroundings

Please note that the art of "tuning outwards" is not a technique to dissociate or disappear from the world, but rather to help immerse yourself in the world and in the Consciousness that is present in everything around you, inside and out.

Listen and enjoy.

PS: More info on upcoming Level 4 Transmission Trainings will be posted in the Workshops section soon.