Intro Talk

Sex Skills


Intro Talk

This intro talk with the TNT workshop team will cover the basics of Tantric Sex so you can start practicing at home.

How to:

  • move beyond friction-only sex;
  • move from 5-second spasm orgasms towards different kinds of so-called ‘valley’ orgasms (full body-/womb-/anal- orgasms) that last literally for minutes;
  • increase a deep and lasting buzzing energy flow in the whole body;
  • naturally delay ejaculation and remedy erectile disfunction;
  • release negative imprints, pain and numbness in the vagina which increases sensitivity;
  • restore sexual attraction between long-term partners;
  • transcend shame, guilt and sexual taboos into relaxation about sex;
  • use sex as a doorway to spiritual growth: how this all is related to undo the ego, find your life purpose, surrender to something bigger than yourself and wake up from the dream reality of being a separate being.

Tantric Sex has been proven to not only improve people’s sex-lives, but also the quality of daily-life, work, family life and creativity.

Also during this intro talk, meet open-minded tantric practitioners and learn about TNT’s upcoming workshops.


  • Open to anyone 18+
  • No previous experience needed
  • The entire evening will be English spoken

If you’ve already participated in TNT workshops: bring 2 friends and get your entrance free. Claim your free spot in advance by contacting us.

For any questions, write to us. See upcoming events below.


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