Level 3: Sexual completion

Workshop description

Level 3: Sexual completion

Level 3 is TNT’s most sexual workshop where you have the chance to transcend your wild(est) sexual fantasies in a safe and loving group setting.

What will you learn?

In Level 3, we’ll do various exercises inviting everyone into advanced group sex constellations.

You’ll be guided to switch your focus from getting to serving, and how to cooperate with the other participants. You’ll learn to become more sexually relaxed and to get over that last bit of shame.

This workshop is also an excellent platform for couples to work on their openness and transcend jealousy with the loving support of the group.

Why would you want to live out your sexual fantasies?

One of the core philosophies of TNT is “get your sex life in order and the rest will follow”. Mastering your sexuality implies having a greater capacity for human connection and facing the unpredictability of life.

After seeing thousands of participants go through this process, it seems that living out our sexual fantasies in a tantric way can be a powerful doorway into deeper spiritual realms for the people involved.

When performed at maximum horniness without giving in to the regular spasm orgasm (see 21 Day Challenge), sexual fixations can be turned into an art form and eventually lose their grip on you. The result is a feeling of mastery and relaxation.

This workshop is led by an experienced team of certified facilitators and tantric professionals. We follow the copyrighted structure originally designed by TNT founder Alexa Vartman.


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Every year, TNT combines Level 5, 4 and 3 in one retreat. You may book the workshops separately but ideally a combination of two or three will give you the most benefits.

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