Level 4: Transmission training

Workshop description

Level 4: Transmission training

Transmission is what we call divine energy radiating from you. We recognize naturally high levels of transmission in children. Wouldn’t you agree that children in general seem more alive, relaxed and radiant?

The purpose of this workshop is to open your consciousness to the divine again by learning to step out of your own way. Once you practice to let spirit move through you (inspiration), you may experience more flow in your life.

Getting back in flow

Many people turn to spirituality because they are resisting reality as it is. But spiritual practice is not about becoming happier (spiritual bypassing). The things that aren’t working in your life are trying to teach you something.

Most people have quite a low level of transmission because of their ‘adult shields’. These are the ego patterns and defence mechanisms that we develop while growing up. This unconscious process helps us to lessen the pain of traumatic events, but we also disconnect from our emotional bodies and we start to trust our mind more than our intuition. We contract into non-feeling, fear-based adults.

This shows clearly in our actions and in the ways we relate to others. This workshop gives you the opportunity to peel off your layers and to become more innocent again.

Devotion and the power of prayer

A big key to get (back) in flow is devotion. We practice devotion to connect to something bigger than ourselves. One of the most powerful tools for that, is prayer. We use a modern non-religious method of praying as an act of humility. This method has proven to improve what can’t be done through will-power alone. Praying from an intention of service helps the ego-mind to get out of the way.

From a state of non-interference it’s much easier to let intuition/inspiration come through. The less you interfere, the higher your level of transmission. Praying is also a strong tool to prevent the building of a spiritual ego.

Religious or not?

Please note that this course doesn’t require any belief in the supernatural or religious dogma of any kind. Devotion is not necessarily connected to a religion. You don’t have to be religious to practice devotion. TNT is not a religious organisation, even though we find inspiration in religious and non-religious teachings.

What will you learn in this training?

  • Receive personal calibration on your level of transmission and get personal feedback and tools on how to develop further.
  • Learn how devotion can serve as a way to keep you humble and safe from your spiritual ego. Learn how to use prayer as a spiritual tool for service and flow in life.
  • Start living in flow and learn how to navigate through life by reading the signs.
  • Practice outward meditation: learn how to feel outwards, see how the world is appearing inside your head, and stop your involuntary thinking.
  • Experience through several exercises what non-interference is, and where in your life you are allowing or resisting flow.
  • Satsang practice: practice how to hold a Satsang, how to ‘get out of the way’ and let the divine shine more clearly through you, from a space of truth, no-mind and non-interference. This is the foundational practice from which you’ll learn to serve a group of people to open up and enter deeper spiritual states.

This workshop is led by an experienced team of certified facilitators. We follow the copyrighted structure originally designed by TNT founder Alexa Vartman.


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