Level 5: Ego workshop

Workshop description

Level 5: Ego workshop

A part of spiritual maturity is losing the ‘fascination of being me’, stop hiding or trying to impress other people. How much you care about what other’s think of you is a measurement of how free you are.

In essence, the Ego workshop trains you on how to give and receive constructive criticism from close friends and community. This is an intense training that requires disciplined preparation before and during the course.

Ego and spiritual practice

It’s the most painful but also one of the most important steps in what we call a true spiritual growth process. To really stop suffering, we must deeply understand how the small limited image of ourselves (ego) is distorting our views and actions. The ancient non-separateness teachings are now being backed up by neuro-science.

Realising that we don’t exist as the thoughts in our head and resting in the mystery of being nothing in particular, allows for a deep relaxation and expansion of consciousness. Without that, we become overly self-concerned with “ourselves” and all the limiting and even selfish behaviour that this can create.

Level 5 runs contrary to the current “selfie” pop culture of “I’m fabulous!” or “I’m perfect the way I am!” Those thoughts can be misused to justify almost any selfish behaviour. Spiritual practice is about lessening the attachment to the assumed self-image… Not strengthening it.

Our lives can be complicated by destructive beliefs and habits. We are often not aware of such patterns or deny their presence. Reality checks from community and friends can greatly speed up the disbelieving in our separateness. The end result of good practice is usually a reverting back to a more natural and innocent state of being.

An intense training

This workshop takes a hard look at your destructive beliefs and habits. It provides powerful tools to move beyond them by learning how to give and receive constructive feedback through working in groups.

Although it may feel uncomfortable when we get to see our blind spots, it allows us to grow so much faster because it keeps us in touch with reality. In the long run this process of honest feedback is a lot less painful than continuing our self-destructive behaviours.

However, the Ego Workshop is not for people who seek feeling good all the time. It’s a confronting and intense training that requires a high level of emotional maturity in all participants, as well as quite some preparation and discipline before and during the course. You’ll be instructed on how to prepare in the weeks leading up to workshop start.

In order to create more fire under the pot and confront us with the ways we try to distract ourselves, we will also be exercising every morning, eating only one meal a day and spending a lot of time in silence.

What will you learn in this training?

  • General theory of how the ego image distorts thoughts and actions
  • The tools on how to conduct research on others and how to listen to both sides of the story before drawing conclusions
  • How to give constructive feedback with loving intentions
  • How to receive constructive feedback without knee-jerk defence
  • Tools to help conduct the emotional pain of receiving constructive criticism
  • We look into addictions operating and distractions in your life (food, money, sex, power, all drugs – including tobacco, alcohol, caffeine) and you’ll be guided on how to transcend and clear these out

This workshop is led by an experienced team of certified facilitators and a licensed psychologist. We follow the copyrighted structure originally designed by TNT founder Alexa Vartman.


  • TNT Level 2 Advanced Sex
  • Individual approval by The New Tantra
  • Open to anyone 18+, regardless of sexual orientation, gender or relationship status

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Upcoming dates

Every year, TNT combines Level 5, 4 and 3 in one retreat. You may book the workshops separately but ideally a combination of two or three will give you the most benefits.