Paris aka Cecilia

TNT general manager, workshop facilitator and online coach

Main base: Zoom or Skype

About Paris

Paris is passionate about personal growth and participated in her first workshop with The New Tantra in 2012. Having completed all the courses since then, the TNT education helped her transform from a boring grey mouse to a shame-free and energetic woman. Her sex life, work life and spiritual life improved so much that she is now working full time with The New Tantra.

About her work
Paris offers The New Tantra Sex coaching sessions to women and men from total beginners to advanced tantric sex practitioners.
Since 2012, she has participated, assisted, organized and co-facilitated on over 100 workshops with The New Tantra.
She currently co-leads on Sexual Deconditioning Level 1, Advanced Sex Level 2 and the Ego workshop.
Her mission is to help others improve their sexuality, discover more flow and purpose in their life and move away from greediness, egoic behavior and manipulations.

Paris is available for coaching sessions on Skype or Zoom.
Send her an email with a short description of your situation and what you would like to work on in a coaching session. Paris will assess your request and honestly consider if she can help you.

Contact Paris

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