Diesel aka Frank

Tantric bodyworker, gigolo, sex coach and TNT workshop facilitator.

Main base: Utrecht, The Netherlands

About Diesel

Diesel has studied Tantra with TNT since 2010. He has been a workshop assistant and organiser for years. Since 2016 he facilitates on the workshops Sexual Deconditioning Level 1, Advanced Sex Level 2 and Sexual Completion Level 3 for The New Tantra. He also teaches the Gigolo training and TNT massage to new bodyworkers on TNT’s Professional Training.

With his strong presence and calming & trustable energy, Diesel guides you safely into a deep and soft space in yourself. He understands intuitively how to open up your body beyond shielding and contractions. Because of his strong hands and confident touch, you will feel safe and held. You can deeply relax into your feminine and receive a healthy masculine imprint.


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