Ace of Spades aka Lars

Tantric bodyworker

Main base: Stockholm, Sweden

About Ace of Spades

Empathetic and patient, Ace of Spades’ sessions touch on the ritualistic. He will take his time to ground you and slow everything down. He follows your cues and adapts to the rhythm your body needs in the moment.

Ace of Spades started his tantric journey with TNT in 2018. He attended several TNT workshops within that year and has pursued to become a bodyworker for TNT.

Ace had a near-death experience in 2013 that led him to a path of self-development and spirituality. In that journey, he did vipassana, primal childhood deconditioning, and a lot of self-work on past trauma and his own armouring. He is a fully certified MER (Myofascial Energetic Release) practitioner under the guidance of Satyarthi Peloquin and a Traditional Thai massage therapist.

For TNT, Ace offers tantric de-armouring sessions. What he brings to his sessions is an influence of his other practices. He pays attention to details and holds space for you for whatever comes up while keeping everything in constant flow.

Ace has an amazing present touch, with which he can melt away tension and holdings that make you connect easier with their physical and energetic body.


Ace is based in Stockholm, Sweden but travels a lot to The Netherlands and Denmark. He’s frequently also assisting TNT workshops where he gives sessions as well. Depending on availability, he can travel internationally for a minimum booking of 4 sessions. He provides sessions in English and Swedish.

De-armouring for women

1.5 hours - €230

De-armouring for men

1.5 hours - €230

Contact Ace of Spades

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