De-armouring for women

Session description

De-armouring for women

Vaginal de-armouring consists of releasing tensions/numbness in the genital muscles of the vagina using various techniques, such as pressure-point massage. This can help regain the natural sensitivity both in- and outside of your genitals.

De-armouring may aid in the release of pain and/or numbness in that area, as well as blocked/stored emotions such as shame, sadness, anger and fear, that may be inhibiting the access to your full sexual potential.

This process may lead to more satisfying sexual experiences, new and deeper orgasms, and general relaxation in the vagina and your body.

The session giver keeps clothes on during the session to allow maximum attention to your body and your process.

Learn more about vaginal de-armouring in this blog post.

Women may also experience anal de-armouring during this session. Let your session giver know beforehand. Read more about that process here.

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