Hunk aka David

Tantric Gigolo for women

Main base: Stockholm, Sweden

About Hunk

Hunk attended his first TNT workshop in 2016. He’s an experienced bodyworker with a lifetime of practice in martial arts and movement. He’s trained in various bodywork modalities and has completed most TNT levels.

Hunk brings raw masculine strength to his sessions. If you long for someone to grab you and deeply take you, this is your kind of tantric gigolo.

With intuition and grounded focus, he leads you into surrender. Thanks to his extensive martial arts background, he follows the flow of your body movements and knows how to effortlessly move you around during the session.

Enjoy his friendliness, muscular physique and solid presence. Hunk always strives to meet you where you’re at and cater to your needs in the moment.

His wish is for you to experience deep relaxation and your body’s innate capacity for sensation and pleasure.


Hunk lives in Stockholm, Sweden and regularly travels to London. Send him a message to learn about his schedule. He can travel internationally upon request (conditions apply). He’s present on certain TNT workshops and provides sessions in English and Swedish.

Tantric Gigolo for women

3 hours - €750
(€200 for every additional hour)
12 hours - €2250

Tantric Gigolo for couples

3 hours - €850
(€200 for every additional hour)
12 hours - €2500

De-armouring for women

1.5 hours - €230

De-armouring for men

1.5 hours - €230


Contact Hunk

Send your enquiry or booking request through the form. Hunk will get back to you.