Trinity (icon)

Trinity aka Stephanie

Tantric Femdom and bodyworker

Main base: Basel, Switzerland

About Trinity

Trinity loves personal development & sexuality. She participated in her first TNT workshop in 2015 and discovered her sexual potential, her freedom and worked on her spiritual growth. This led her to a new profession as a sex coach and tantric bodyworker (sexology bodywork) and to her passion for tantric FemDom. She is also familiar with different meditation techniques and with inner child work.

Trinity’s way of leading is very gentle, loving, feminine and powerful. She understands how to create a warm and safe playground where she invites you to explore your feminine side. How much are you willing to let go of control to let out your raw, wild, playful and vulnerable side come out?

You may get the chance to receive new sexual imprints, explore your sexual fantasies and work on getting clarity on shame and guilt conditioning. This could lead you to uncover your real, autonomous sexuality – a new intimate relationship to yourself and towards life in general. Trinity is looking forward to guide you in this process.


Trinity is based in Basel (Switzerland), but is frequently available to work in Zürich, Würzburg in Germany, Amsterdam NL and Copenhagen DK. She is also open to travel upon request for a minimum of 6 sessions. She is often available for sessions on TNT retreats. She offers sessions in either German, French or English.

The New Tantra Massage

2 hours - €300
3 hours - €400

De-armouring for women

1.5 hour - €200

De-armouring for men

1.5 hour - €200

Femdom for men

2 hours - €400

Femdom for women

2 hours - €400

Femdom for couples

2 hours - €450

Couples session

2 hours - €300
3 hours - €400


Contact Trinity

Send your enquiry or booking request through the form. Trinity will get back to you.