Libby (Libido)

Phone: (+44) 07733 292272

About Libido
Libido did her first course with TNT in 2014 and her life changed. She shifted out of her full time job in the City and began building up her part time career as a personal trainer, sports masseuse, tantric and sensual bodyworker. The teachings of TNT resonated deeply, motivating her to truly live in her life’s purpose from a place of love.

About her work
Libby’s background and experience in personal training and sports massage, and her time spent as a pole dance performer and teacher, give her a solid grounding in, and understanding of, the body. Her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for exploring how we enjoy our bodies, how our sexual energy can be used both in intimacy and outside of the bedroom, enable her to create a strong, judgement-free container for you to surrender into during your session. Her balance of masculine and feminine energy create a safe and loving space in which you can experience and connect more deeply with your body. Her incredible touch supports you in fine tuning your body awareness, whilst also experiencing deep pleasure. She works with men and women of all orientations and backgrounds.

Libido is based in London, UK. She will offer sessions mainly in London, but travels regularly to Stockholm Sweden to give sessions there as well.


The New Tantra Massage

The New Tantra Massage is a 2(-or 3) hour multi-step massage to get more connected with the body and with the flow of sexual sensations. This session aims at going beyond conventional sexuality and guides you into the realm of transcendent sexuality.
The massage is designed in steps to open your body up through different massage techniques. It starts with the outer body and can go all the way to internal bodywork (vaginal dearmouring / anal dearmouring / cock massage). The gradual build up allows tensions and blockages to release and your sexual sensations to flow freely in your whole body. In each session you go as far as you are willing to go.
The New Tantra massage is a great way to help kickstart your tantric journey. It can also be a doorway to experience a deep bodily surrender.
The session giver keeps clothes on during the session to allow maximum attention to your body and your process.


2 hours – € 260

3 hours – € 360


Vaginal and anal de-armouring consists of releasing tensions in the genital muscles using various pressure-point massages. This can help regain the natural sensitivity both in- and outside of your genitals. This process may aid in the release of pain and/or numbness in those areas, as well as blocked/stored emotions such as shame, sadness, anger and fear, that may be inhibiting the access to your full sexual potential. This process may lead to more satisfying sexual experiences, new and deeper orgasms, and general relaxation in the genitals and your body.
The session giver keeps clothes on during the session to allow maximum attention to your body and your process.


1.5 hours – € 190

From the moment the session started, I could feel Libby’s presence, love and care. It felt safe enough to let go of my stresses and tensions and just be held. It was a beautiful experience and I am deeply grateful to Libby