“I did Level 1&2 in 2019. What really defines The New Tantra is that its lingo, set-up and methods are specifically designed to make sense to a western mindset. To me, TNT was the first Tantra-school that I did not laugh away. Rooted thoroughly in the Tantric tradition and staying true to it, its workshops tackle all the different realms of desire in a modern and no-nonsense way. The combination of Tantric sources, scientific insights, Western philosophy and clever Kink made me feel that I was in a good place with my questions, issues, ideas and challenges. The team creates a safe space to truly explore and to go deep: either in joy and fun or straight into your shadows. I highly appreciated how, during the workshops, the sharings and experiences were always channeled into a constructive debate. The standard in this is high, and I love that. To me it was and is prerequisite no #1 to truly make steps forwards. After level 1&2 this habit and standard continues in a lively community of students, which all in all has become one of the biggest gifts of my adult life đź–¤.”
Love, Wednesday (f), The Netherlands