Day Time Dream Yoga

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Day Time Dream Yoga
A simple technique to transcend your mind and get more in touch with reality


Guided by Alexa Vartman – TNT founder

Includes extra Q& A 20 min

Recorded on Level 9 Transcendence Workshop, Denmark, October 2016

21:53 min


If you or your partner experience any of the following, the Pussy Skills course may be for you:


  • General or occasional tension and/or pain in the pussy during sex
  • Numbness or lack of sensitivity inside the pussy
  • Difficulty or inability to reach deeper types of vaginal orgasms
  • Lack of sexual desire (with or without your partner)
  • Feeling dissatisfied or bored with your sex life
  • If you’re the receiver: A longing to feel consistently well-fucked, orgasmic and juicy
  • If you’re the giver: A desire to fully satisfy her pussy on a deeper level


  • How to perform a vaginal de-armouring in order to release pain / numbness, and increase physical sensitivity
  • How to prepare the pussy for more satisfying sexual experiences, new and deeper orgasms, and feeling juicy and relaxed
  • How to improve your pussy licking skills
  • How to improve your fingering skills and squirting technique
  • How to fuck the cervix which holds the potential for her to experience blissful cervical orgasms
  • Get a deeper understanding of how the pussy works
  • Remove performance pressure by shifting your mindset to a more relaxed, tantric approach
  • With consistent practice, learn how to give her pussy an ecstatic time. But be warned! Once you open that door, she often may desire a lot more and will not want to settle for low quality sex anymore.

PLEASE NOTE: If a woman is pregnant, do NOT perform or experiment with vaginal de-armouring by yourself at home. Instead contact us to be referred to certified midwives with de-armouring skills.


  • 8 easy-to-follow explanation and demonstration videos that you can stream from your account with a wifi connection and watch anytime, anywhere, from any device
  • Simple and impactful teachings as instructed on TNT workshops from certified workshop facilitators,
  • Real demonstration footage with experienced bodyworkers and tantric sex professionals shot in 4K from multiple angles
  • A workbook to go along with the videos including at-home practice suggestions

Total video play time: 126 minutes

Bonus material:

  • Access to an evolving “Bonus vault” with new videos, Q&A’s, interviews and other content added over time for your continued learning and engagement
  • Special email invitations to upcoming live Q&A webinars with the course instructors depending on demand (terms and conditions apply, time and spots are limited)


  • Be careful if the woman is pregnant. Do NOT perform or experiment with vaginal de-armouring by yourself at home. Instead contact us to be referred to certified midwives with de-armouring skills.
  • This course is NOT a guaranteed fool-proof solution to fix all your sexual challenges. The skills require dedication and consistent practice to reach your desired results.
  • This course is for healthy individuals only and NOT meant as a replacement for healing or therapy. In case of medical or psychological issues please consult with licensed medical professionals or therapists instead.
  • Due to the tantric nature of this training, the skills are NOT ejaculation or clitoris focused. In fact, we recommend to abstain from these regular orgasms in order to increase your sexual sensitivity. Complement all TNT courses with our free 21 Day Challenge to learn how to practice non-goal oriented sex.
  • Although this course may greatly benefit couples in a committed loving relationship, it is not aimed at fix relationship problems. The instructors are not relationship experts and don’t address couples’ issues.
  • This course does NOT support any form of greedy, sleazy, manipulative, harmful or disrespectful behaviour, both sexual and otherwise. We expect and require our course participants to engage in respectful, consensual sexual activity and we won’t tolerate any form of homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, etc… TNT reserves the right to ban anyone that breaches our code of conduct from our platforms without warning.


  • For ages 18 and above
  • Must reside in a country where adult sexual content is legal – always follow local laws and regulations
  • For sexually open-minded people
  • For men, women and anyone in between – regardless of relationship status and sexual orientation
  • No previous tantric experience needed
  • Completed Starter Skills course to unlock the Ass & Cock Skills videos (Starter Skills included free when you purchase any advanced course as a first-time buyer)
  • A wifi connection to stream the videos from your account

Please note: TNT has a strict no return policy on online digital content. Please consider carefully before purchasing our products.


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