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Are you ready to have great sex, gain more freedom and grow like a motherfucker?

If the answer is YES and you are up for a challenge, we look forward to meeting you in one of our workshops.

Learn effective practices ranging from tantric sexuality to advanced spirituality in the hands of an experienced workshop team. Immerse yourself in a relaxed group setting with unconventional theory and mind-boggling exercises.


  • TNT workshops attract a diverse audience from all walks of life. They are accessible and applicable regardless of sexual orientation, gender, relationship status or previous experience. The trainings are meant to provide consenting, responsible adults with the extraordinary experiences that invite embodied transformation, mental expansion and community building. Before signing up to a workshop, read the latest TNT FAQ & Code of Conduct.
  • Keep in mind that the practices taught in TNT workshops are an ongoing process and are constantly updated for optimality and relevance.
  • TNT workshops are not meant as an alternative to “healing”, therapy or medical treatment. The instructors are not therapists or doctors. If you suffer from trauma, PTSD, or other physical or psychological issues, please seek help from licensed professionals instead.
  • We stress that you as course participant must be responsible for your own safety, health and well-being. You should never feel pressure to do anything that could harm you. Only do what feels comfortable to you. We require a high level of emotional maturity in all participants and expect everyone to respect our safe sex protocols (more info in the workshop descriptions). TNT reserves the right to ban anyone that breaches our code of conduct from our platforms without warning.
  • Please note that none of our courses require any belief in the supernatural or religious dogma of any kind.

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