Marisol (Cheshire Cat)

Phone: +31 (0)6 587 622 95

About Cheshire
Cheshire joined TNT in 2011. Since then her life is much more in flow. Feeling guided by something larger than herself she is devoting her life to serving people as a bodyworker and as a TNT co-teacher, organiser and team member.

About her work
With her feminine unique intuitive way, her big heart and feminine touch, Cheshire feels deeply into your body and into its unique needs and to your natural ability to experience increased levels of life force energy. Gently yet powerful, she opens you to new layers of sensual pleasure and surrender you didn’t know were possible. She helps you to release tensions and stored emotions which would otherwise hold you back from fully experiencing life and sex.

Cheshire lives in the Netherlands and has her own practice in Zeist in the Utrecht area. She is flexible to travel to your country for a minimum of 8 sessions.


The New Tantra Massage

The New Tantra Massage is a 2(-or 3) hour multi-step massage to get more connected with the body and with the flow of sexual sensations. This session aims at going beyond conventional sexuality and guides you into the realm of transcendent sexuality.
The massage is designed in steps to open your body up through different massage techniques. It starts with the outer body and can go all the way to internal bodywork (vaginal dearmouring / anal dearmouring / cock massage). The gradual build up allows tensions and blockages to release and your sexual sensations to flow freely in your whole body. In each session you go as far as you are willing to go.
The New Tantra massage is a great way to help kickstart your tantric journey. It can also be a doorway to experience a deep bodily surrender.
The session giver keeps clothes on during the session to allow maximum attention to your body and your process.


2 hours – € 260,-

The Intuitive New Tantra Massage

In this intuitive tantric massage session, the bodyworker listens to your subtle body language and supports you to release deeper layers of emotional and physical tensions. Any pain, fear or tensions will be treated carefully in your own pace and in dialogue with you.

This session has the same roots as The New Tantra massage and there will be use of different massage techniques to open your body up, release blockages and help the free flow of sensations circulate through you. However it follows no set structure and each session is different depending on your needs in the moment.

You are invited to express your longings within an atmosphere of safety, sensuality and playfulness.

The session giver keeps clothes on during the session to allow maximum attention to your body and your process.


2 hours – € 240,-

TNT Online Coaching

This is a one-on-one coaching session on tantric sex by a coach that has been trained in TNT’s Sexual Deconditioning and Advanced Sex courses for many years. He/she will approach you from a non-judgmental space and cater to your specific situation whether you are completely inexperienced, a beginner or an experienced tantric sex practitioner.
If you are struggling, feeling stuck and need support, a TNT online coach may be able to help you move through individual problems you encounter when starting a tantric journey or issues you may experience mid-way while practicing tantra. Depending on where you are at and what is going on in your life, the coach will confront your patterns in a loving but honest way. They may be able to give you tools and practices to enrich your current situation.
An online coaching session can be a good introduction to what The New Tantra Sex is or before attending a workshop if you are feeling unsure and wondering if TNT style tantric sex is for you. This is also a good alternative if you live far away and cannot attend a TNT workshop or book a bodywork session.
TNT online coaches are not therapists or medically trained so if your issues fall into those categories they will refer you to a specialist.


75 min – € 180,-
45min – € 110,-


Vaginal and anal de-armouring consists of releasing tensions in the genital muscles using various pressure-point massages. This can help regain the natural sensitivity both in- and outside of your genitals. This process may aid in the release of pain and/or numbness in those areas, as well as blocked/stored emotions such as shame, sadness, anger and fear, that may be inhibiting the access to your full sexual potential. This process may lead to more satisfying sexual experiences, new and deeper orgasms, and general relaxation in the genitals and your body.
The session giver keeps clothes on during the session to allow maximum attention to your body and your process.


1.5 hours – € 190,-

My session with Cheshire was unexpected and profound, I found myself embodying a pre-cognitive state as a baby. She worked on my body to slowly release this buried trauma without creating shock to my system. She positioned herself around my releasing trauma and re-imprinted the missing link which was to be held and loved and told it was safe to relax. My whole nervous system relaxed and time seemed to slow down. Since the session I have seen my Mum in a new light and feel a profound shift to care for her without needing that from her. Thank you, you really have a gift and I look forward to working with you again.
TNT studentHolland
I am so pleased with the whole experience! The topics and discussions came so naturally for her and she answered all my questions with ease and grace. Once the massage was underway I noticed she was intuitively landing on all the right places of emotional and physical resistance and I could feel a weight being lifted from my body. I felt amazing afterwards ...