Workshop Description Women’s retreat

Women's Retreat Description

Course Description

After several years of preparation, Cheshire Cat and Paris have finally cooked up a new TNT Women’s retreat.

We can’t wait to get together to have a lot of girlie fun, create sisterhood and with each other’s support become stronger, interdependent women.

With theory and hands-on exercises we want to address the good, the bad and the ugly. And the sexy 😉 !

Uncovering Our Shadow Sides

A lot has been going on for women the past few years – socially, economically and politically. Being women ourselves, we notice how women seem to be routinely portrayed as victims but the opposite is hardly talked about. How are we manipulating and hurting ourselves and the people around us? How do our ‘darker’ sides play out in our daily lives?

This is a touchy subject but we think it’s necessary so we can work on becoming more conscious human beings. Let’s grab the cow by the horns!

Uncovering these ‘darker’ sides has the potential for incredible openings to:
* build a strong sisterhood
* create more juiciness
* experience more freedom and confidence
* embody all facets of ourselves, both “masculine” and “feminine”
* live the best versions of ourselves as women

Tantric Sexuality For Women

How about sex in this workshop?
Since this is a tantric course we are definitely going to do some hands-on sexual exercises.

It is commonly known that most women masturbate to other women and to lesbian sex. This Women’s retreat will offer a space where women can explore their own sexuality, either independently or with each other.

We will talk about TNT-style tantric sex and do a gradual build-up of exercises to uncover all that feminine juiciness in us.

You don’t have to do anything you don’t feel like doing, but if you sign up be aware that there will be nudity and sexuality.


The Women’s Retreat Team

The Women’s retreat is guided by Cheshire Cat and Paris and a motivated team of experienced assistants and tantric bodyworkers.

About Cheshire Cat (aka Marisol C. Acchiardo)
Born in Chile but grew up in Norway, Cheshire Cat adds a fiery touch to the TNT team. She has been practicing tantra with TNT since 2011 and became a TNT-certified bodyworker in 2013, specialising in intuitive tantric massage. For the past few years she has been facilitating on TNT workshops. She is known for her passion, strong intuition and no nonsense approach

About Paris (aka Paris Cecilia Jayer)
Originally from Norway, Paris participated in her first TNT workshop in 2012 and is one of the lead administrators of TNT today. Paris has travelled around the world to work on countless TNT courses, giving her considerable experience and knowledge. People love her for her genuine care, embodied sexual experience and clear explanations.



  • No previous experience of tantra or women’s work needed.
  • Open for all women: single, in a couple and all sexual preferences are welcome (if you’re a transwoman: contact us to see if this workshop is suited for you or not).
  • This is a sexual workshop where there will be nudity and sexual play between women.

Upcoming Women’s retreat:

To be announced