Tantric Touch workshop

Workshop description

Tantric Touch workshop

People often complain about the ‘absence’ of the other person touching them. They say things like “I can’t feel you” or “you’re not present with me”, but have trouble explaining how to do it better.

In this 2-day Tantric Touch workshop, you’ll learn how to greatly improve your ability to touch more consciously.

What will you learn?

Tantric Touch is a soft introduction to the TNT universe. It’s for people who want to learn how to touch better and experience how it feels to be touched by someone with full presence.

In a relaxed group setting, we’ll go through the reasons why we touch and why people are so bad at it. What skills do we lack and how can we improve?

Then we dive straight into practice. Lots of practice! This is a very hands-on workshop and you’ll have the opportunity to touch many different bodies. You’ll also receive a lot of touch in return.

We do exercises to get you out of the head. Practice various massage grips, and massaging with and without oil. Exercise your abilities to read the other person’s body and flex your empathy muscles.

You’ll practice how to give constructive feedback to the other person so they can improve their massaging skills in the moment. As well as how to communicate with your body to express boundaries and pleasure.

Of course, we will take time for sharings, insights, questions and dancing.


  • No previous experience needed
  • Open to 18+ regardless of gender, sexual orientation and relationship status
  • Come alone or bring a partner

Please note that this is NOT a sexual workshop. We will massage wearing underwear so that genitals and breasts are covered. You won’t learn genital massage (check out Level 2 for that).

This workshop is led by an experienced team of certified tantric bodyworkers.

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