Gigolo Skills workshop

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Gigolo Skills workshop

This is a challenging training, especially for the men. You’ll receive a lot of feedback on your skills from the women to improve your levels of empathy and how to serve them into sexual surrender.


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What will the men learn in this training?

• Improve skilfulness and confidence in your sexual performance.
• Learn tools of the trade from professional tantric gigolos so you can level up your dating game.
• What to do when you feel challenged during interactions with women, not always knowing “how to open her up”.
• How to serve all kinds of women, not just your preferred type.

In Gigolo Skills, the men practice to be in their sexual masculine, the leading position on top. You’ll be working with women who will give you ‘live’ feedback after every encounter. Practice how to stay present during the encounter and how to serve her into deeper surrender.

This workshop is not so much focused on the technical part of sex. Gigolo Skills is much more about what is beyond that: the psychology behind “opening women”, people skills, how do you read a woman, empathy…

There will also be exercises on how to troubleshoot, what to do when an encounter goes ‘South’ and how to avoid this is the first place.

By the end of the training, you’ll have a new set of tools to better embody the energy of a gigolo and be able to do a lot more than you think. By trusting the process and not “trying to make something happen”, you can become a more confident lover.

This workshop is not for men who:

  • want to boost their sexual ego
  • think they’re going to have sex with lots of women
  • are only money-driven
  • think they will get certified as a professional tantric gigolo. Real certification is only possible through TNT Professional training. If becoming a professional is something you’re seriously considering, this workshop is a great indicator to find out if this is a path you really want to go.

What will the women learn in this training?

  • Perfect for women who love to surrender in their sexual feminine.
  • It’s also great for women who find surrendering challenging. This weekend is great practice to learn how to trust, relax and let go.
  • Improve your communication skills and how to give honest feedback to the men during (sexual) encounters in a ‘constructive/helpful’ way, without making them feel small, without “cutting their balls”, being dismissive, micromanaging, etc..
  • Practice how to be present during sex
  • Learn about your own boundaries: what do you like or don’t like in the moment?

Women get a lot more out of this workshop beyond great sexual experiences. You’ll be asked to take part in every exercise on the receiving end, so you’ll be treated like the object of desire for the whole weekend.

In addition to be royally served by the men, you’ll serve them by helping them become better lovers. We expect you to be able to give feedback after every exercise, to help the men progress as fast as possible.

What if you want to come as a couple?

Couples are welcome, but it’ll require from both of you a high level of openness. If you struggle with jealousy issues, this is not the workshop to work this out. Then we recommend you repeat Level 2 Advanced Sex or contact us to get more guidance.

But if you subscribe to the idea that exploring with several different practice partners will enhance your love life and skills set, then it can really benefit you and enhance your communication.


  • TNT Level 2 Advanced Sex
  • Open to 18+ regardless of gender, sexual orientation and relationship status. But keep in mind that this workshop will focus on how men can serve women.

Contact us for any questions. Sign up below to one of our upcoming trainings.

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