Erotic Engineering weekend

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Erotic Engineering weekend

Erotic Engineering is the party weekend for sex nerds who want to hone their skills and master their tantric techniques.

What will you learn?

During this weekend, you’ll be guided into a creative and playful space to deepen and broaden your sex skills. An experienced team of TNT-trained professionals will share their experience and knowledge with you.

We have a range of subjects we want to dive into. We’ll feel into the group to see where the main interests are and where we can go deeper.

You’ll get the opportunity to ask your most burning questions about:

  • Cock play / Pussy play / Anal play
  • Strap-on skills
  • How to crossdress men
  • Orgasm theory
  • Tantric danger zones
  • Sensual femdom & lesbian energy play
  • Sex positions and so on…

There’ll be plenty of hands-on exercises and opportunities for you to explore the skills with each other. Be prepared for live sexual demonstrations in a relaxed atmosphere. All types of hetero, homo and flexible exploration will be welcome.

Personal boundaries are always a priority and will be respected. Participants have the opportunity to practice independently, with a lover, or in the group. You don’t have to practice with anyone you don’t feel attracted to.

As per usual on TNT retreats, we’ll be pumping tunes and party in the evenings. So bring your sexiest outfits, your kinky toys and let’s get technical, baby!


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