De-armouring for men – Hunk

“Hunk has great charisma and makes you feel comfortable right away! I told him about my physical problems, and he worked on them very well. After the de-armouring session, my body felt lighter and more at ease. Thank you very much, Hunk!”

Gigolo Session – Hunk

“Thank you for a great session! I felt soft and relaxed afterwards and fell asleep shortly after dinner, haha. I really liked the different flavours and the variety of intensity. Your presence and masculine energy made it feel safe to fully relax. I think you...

Gigolo Session – Hunk

“I can recommend a visit from this beautiful man. He is not only candy for your eye but also sweet and soft in his touch. It feels so nice to be connected in a sexy and safe way. He opened me up and is able to give me energy for weeks/months.”

TNT massage – Buffalo

“Buffalo was very professional and caring during my massage session. He clearly explained everything he was doing and made me feel very safe and secure during the massage. The release and results I felt during the body de-armoring in my abdomen and vagina were...

Gigolo session – Diesel

“Thank you for the special moment this afternoon. Your vibe and the respect with which you treated me were very pleasant. I experience a wonderful feeling that can hardly be put into words. Thank you for bringing me closer to myself. I have experienced it as...