Jeroen, The Netherlands

For me letting go of that spasm orgasm chase opened the door to more energy and focus, not just during sex but also in daily life. Increasing sensitivity, and my sexual pleasure immensely! Making the connection with my partners deeper and more authentic.

Chris, UK

My life has been radically transformed by giving up the regular spasm orgasm. Not only have I gone from low c*ck self-esteem to loving wild sex and exploring a great deal of my sexuality, but it has also given me a window through many other addictions in my life that...

Paulien, The Netherlands

I only had a few rare spasm orgasms by the time I started the challenge and joined TNT. Tantra helped me to get rid of sexual frustration by having more and better sex, balancing the energy flow.

Agnieszka, The Netherlands

Refraining from the spasm orgasm has brought awareness and change to my (sex)life. It opened ways to enjoy that I wouldn’t have even dreamt of. We all know that roads less traveled lead to amazing destinations… This challenge is a great help!

Hanne – The Netherlands

I noticed a huge increase in energy, like never before. Instead of one little peak, my orgasms have changed into beautiful waves while being deeply connected with myself and the one I am sharing it with. All in all, this created more flow in my life in general.