Mark, The Netherlands

At first I could not believe a period of abstaining 21 days from ejaculating would make any difference. I kept I diary so I could follow my progress and that really helped. Not spasm orgasming gives me so much more life energy and happiness.

Nicolas, The Netherlands

Taking the goal of the spasm orgasm out of my love life and personal life gave me a new realm to play in. It is really totally different. Connections feel without end and I found a new depth of connected pleasure.

Stephanie, Switzerland

It drastically changed the way I relate to my body. Suddenly I became much more sensitive in my whole body, instead of just the clit. Before the challenge I noticed energy was stuck and suppressed. After the challenge, I felt more open, in balance and much calmer....

Brian, Denmark

Being sexually continent and not spasm orgasming have learned me to have sex without a goal and focus on serving my partner. The change has significantly improved my daily life with so much more energy to act and live my life purpose. The attraction to my partner is...

Saskia, The Netherlands

By abstaining from the spasm orgasm I made a huge shift in my sexuality and the way I’m experiencing sex. It takes practice but layer by layer I’ve learned to detach from the goal-oriented mindset and shift to a full-body experience. It brings me a deeper connection...