Workshop Description Sexual Masterclass

Sexual Masterclass Description

Course Description

The TNT Sexual Masterclass combines two workshops: the Sex Skills weekend followed by Sexual Completion Level 3.

You may book the workshops separately but ideally a combination of both will give you the most benefits.


Sex Skills Weekend

We start the Masterclass with the Sex Skills weekend.

Dive with us into a range of different sexual techniques. You will be able to ask your most burning questions about:

* Penis handling / sucking
* Vagina fingering / licking
* Anal play
* Strap-on skills
* Cross-dressing
* Sensual Femdom / lesbian play
* Tips & tricks on how to have better tantric sex
– etc …

There will be plenty of hands-on exercises and opportunities for the participants to explore the skills with each other.


Level 3: Sexual Completion

Part two of the Masterclass is Sexual Completion Level 3.

Level 3 is TNT’s most sexual workshop where you will have the chance to transcend your wild(est) sexual fantasies in a safe and loving group setting. There will be various exercises guiding everyone into advanced group sex constellations. We will be guided to switch our focus from getting to serving and to get over that last bit of shame.

As always on TNT retreats, the DJ will be pumping tunes and we will turn this Masterclass into a hot & juicy Summer party!


Why combine Sex Skills weekend with Level 3?

You may book the workshops separately but ideally a combination of both will give you the most benefits.

The Sex Skills weekend gives us the tools and technical skills to make the fantasies we want to live out in Level 3 much more pleasurable. This is a powerful cocktail to speed up our sexual mastery.

From our personal experience and from having seen thousands of participants go through this process, we see that living out our sexual fantasies at maximum horniness may lead into powerful doorways of deeper spiritual realms for the individuals involved.

When performed in a tantric way (without the regular peak orgasm) our sexual fixations may lose their grip on us. The result is a deep feeling of relaxation, fulfilment and relief. Hopefully we won’t be laying on our deathbed unfulfilled or wondering the rest of our life how it would have felt to do that naughty thing we always masturbate to.


The Sexual Masterclass Team

The Masterclass is facilitated by Paris and Frank Diesel together with a team of skilled assistants consisting of tantric gigolos, dominas and bodyworkers certified by Alexa Vartman (founder of TNT). DJ James Dean aka Alfe will play the music.

We will share our knowledge and experience, both personal and professional, after years of working with TNT-style tantra sex. Be prepared for live demonstrations in a relaxed and fun atmosphere with a bunch of cool open-minded people.

About Paris (aka Cecilia Jayer)

Originally from Norway, Paris participated in her first TNT workshop in 2012 and is one of the lead administrators of TNT today. Paris has travelled around the world to work on countless TNT courses, giving her considerable experience and knowledge. People love her for her genuine care, embodied sexual experience and clear explanations.

About Diesel (aka Frank Bottema)

Diesel started his journey with TNT in his home country The Netherlands in 2010. He is TNT’s touch specialist, travels internationally to offer massage sessions and tantric sex skills sessions, and is the lead facilitator in certifying new TNT bodyworkers. People love him for his relaxed attitude, friendliness and vast experience and knowledge about sex.


STD Safety

It is imperative that everyone be on top of their safe sex game and brings up-to-date STD test results. We won’t tolerate any sloppiness in this area! Read with care the instructions in the info letter you receive after signing up.

Upcoming Sexual Masterclass:

To be announced