Workshop Description Level 1&2

Level 1&2 Workshop Description

It is possible to book Level 1 and Level 2 individually or together. Signing up to both workshops does not guarantee automatic admission to Level 2. You need to have shown a solid degree of maturity in Level 1 to be admitted.


Level 1: Sexual Deconditioning

Level 1 is required as a prerequisite for the majority of TNT workshops. Previous tantra experience, or even sexual experience, is not necessary to apply.

The workshop is open to everyone: singles, couples and all sexual preferences are welcome. This is a “clothes-on” workshop. Successful completion of this workshop provides access to Advanced Sex Level 2 (where you get to take your clothes off).

The aim of Level 1 is for us to develop a juicy and relaxed attitude towards sexuality. With a combination of theory and hands-on exercises, this workshop is straight-forward and to the point.

We aim to create a relaxed environment where everyone may:

* Discover the basics of how to practice TNT-style tantric sex and how to improve their own sex life
* Activate the sexual energy of the spine and learn how to move the sensations through the body
* Begin transcending old patterns and unconscious sexual shame
* Work on boundaries and how to communicate them
* Reclaim an innocent attitude towards sex
* Break out of comfort zones, socialize, and dance your buns off like a bunch of happy teenagers!

Boundaries are a hot topic in our current times. We will devote time on the first day to get the basics right. During TNT workshops participants are invited to express themselves and only ever do what feels good, and modify anything at any time to suit their needs.

There is nothing really scary in this workshop. Certain exercises may provide liberating experiences. Some things may challenge our old way of thinking, but substantial growth is waiting for us if we persevere …it wouldn’t be fun without a little challenge anyway 😉


Level 2: Advanced Sex

It is mandatory to have demonstrated a solid level of maturity and self-responsibility towards one’s self and others during Level 1 in order to qualify for Level 2 (regardless if payment and application have been completed for Level 2).

Level 2 is a “clothes-off” workshop and features mind-boggling sexually explicit exercises. The workshop is open to singles, couples and all sexual preferences are welcome.

Participants will learn advanced sex techniques that can open up an ecstatic world of new possibilities. Forget about boring old friction sex! In this setting we may learn how to move away from goal-orientated intercourse in order to make love in bliss for hours.

The exercises may escalate towards:

* Finding self-acceptance of ourselves as a sexual being
* Recognizing our so-called ‘darker’ longings, how to bring them into the light and turn our sexuality into a spiritual practice
* Experiencing more sensitivity and sexual pleasure in our bodies
* Discovering more confidence and relaxation around sex

We will be doing many clothes-off practices in a safe setting. This includes bodywork practices such as vaginal and anal dearmouring. Personal boundaries are always a priority and will be respected. Participants will have the opportunity to practice independently, with a lover, or in the group. You don’t have to practice with anyone you don’t feel attracted to.

So get rid of your FOMO and join us on this ride! This is the top selling workshop for TNT repeat students. They regularly come back for more and claim the sexual teachings are nothing short of mind-blowing!


The Level 1&2 Workshop Team

The Level 1&2 workshop will be guided by Paris, Diesel, and a motivated team of experienced assistants and tantric bodyworkers.

About Paris (aka Cecilia Jayer)

Originally from Norway, Paris participated in her first TNT workshop in 2012 and is one of the lead administrators of TNT today. Paris has travelled around the world to work on countless TNT courses, giving her considerable experience and knowledge. People love her for her genuine care, embodied sexual experience and clear explanations.

About Diesel (aka Frank Bottema)

Diesel started his journey with TNT in his home country The Netherlands in 2010. He is TNT’s touch specialist, travels internationally to offer massage sessions and tantric sex skills sessions, and is the lead facilitator in certifying new TNT bodyworkers. People love him for his relaxed attitude, friendliness and vast experience and knowledge about sex.