Workshop Description Ego Transmission

Level 5&4 Workshop Description

Every year, TNT combines the Ego workshop (Level 5) and the Transmission training (Level 4) in one retreat.

You may book the workshops separately but ideally a combination of both will give you the most benefits.



Prerequisites: Passed TNT Level 1&2 and individual approval

We start the week with the Ego Workshop. You will be working in groups and take a hard look at each other’s destructive beliefs and habits that you may be unaware of. You will learn how to give and receive constructive feedback and find tools to move beyond your patterns.

Although it may feel uncomfortable when we get to see our blind spots, it allows us to grow so much faster because it keeps us in touch with reality. In the long run this process of honest feedback is a lot less painful than continuing our self-destructive behaviours.

The Ego Workshop is not for people who seek feeling good all the time. It is a confronting and intense training that requires quite some preparation and discipline before and during the course. You will be instructed on how to prepare in the weeks leading up to workshop start.

In order to create more fire under the pot and confront us with the ways we try to distract ourselves, we will also be exercising every morning, eating only one meal a day and spending a lot of time in silence.

This workshop is led by Paris together with Cheshire Cat and a team of assistants (including a university-trained psychologist). Paris has worked on the Ego workshop since 2014. During this workshop she will deliver the structure of TNT’s method for giving and receiving constructive feedback. Apollo will add the philosophical touch and give theory on “what is the ego?”



Prerequisites: Passed TNT Level 1&2 and individual approval

The retreat continues with the Transmission training. In this workshop, you will be guided by Cheshire Cat and Paris on how to get your life back into ‘flow’. Learn how to step out of your own way and let your intuition/inspiration come through. The tools you will learn in this training can provide some real changes to your everyday life when used at home.

A big key to a life in ‘flow’ is practising devotion and connecting to something bigger than ourselves. In this training you will be guided into challenging but powerful exercises and meditations. One of the most powerful tools for that is meditative prayer. You will learn a non-religious form of prayer that does not require any supernatural beliefs. Prayer is also a doorway to charisma or transmission, which is the ability to inspire and touch people authentically.

On the last night there will be a so-called “esoteric night”. We never know in advance what is going to happen there but it may turn into a mind-blowing evening.

Upcoming Level 5+4 retreat:

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