Workshop Description Domination

Domination Workshop Description

Course Description

This weekend workshop will guide you safely into the world of Domination and Submission – TNT style.
Led by Apollo Adama, you will learn how to create strong polarity by playing with Domination and Submission through presence, surrender and the play of energy.
Domination can be much more than adding some spice to your life – it’s a doorway into deep non-interference and surrender in action. What you learn in the exercises during the day, will be used for free exploration on Saturday evening, where you will have the chance to explore your (maybe newly found) kinks and fantasies, using the embodied techniques, concepts and approaches learned during the day.
Participants are welcome to bring their own tools (whips, clamps, handcuffs, and so on) if you have them, but that’s entirely optional.

What to expect?

* Learn how to create a safe and consensual play situation.
* Learn how to create intimacy and polarity by playing with dominance and submission.
* You’ll be exploring both the dominant and the submissive role.
* You get the chance to interact with several people (both men & women), in order to experience different energies and dynamics.
* As a dominant you’ll learn how to create a safe space for your submissive, in which he/she can relax, open up and explore. Through various exercises you learn new skills to help your partner surrender.
* As a submissive you’ll learn how to communicate about what you like and don’t like. Good communications skills and embodied experience will help you to let go of control during the play.
* Some theory will be provided, but this is mainly a practical, embodied workshop.
* Learn how to combine “subtle body” practices with domination and submission.


  • You need to have passed TNT Level 1 & 2 in order to sign up.
  • No previous experience in domination/submission or BDSM is required.
  • This workshop requires mental resilience and is not suitable for those suffering from trauma or mental health issues.

Upcoming Domination workshop:

To be announced