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“There are problems with ordinary “basic level” sex. Most people do not realize or will admit the negative aspects of the “little orgasm”: i.e.  Loss of energy, feeling distance from our partner, long-term tiredness (craving caffeine, sugar and other addictions), a feeling of flatness, and loss of innocence. The ordinary orgasm has been scientifically proven to create an orgasm hangover that lasts for 17 days in all mammals – for both men and women. Ever wondered why children are inherently happier than adults? It’s not just the greater responsibility of being an adult or hormones. You can often tell the month when the teenager starts to orgasm.  Just do some Googling on “dopamine disruption from orgasm” if you don’t believe us.      Advanced sex™ is the answer to these and many other issues, and gives valuable insight into the dynamics of why most couples become unattracted long-term. If you don’t think it’s true for you, ask yourself why does the initial honeymoon period wear off after a few weeks? It doesn’t with our students!” 
Alex Vartman

Advanced Sex™ is a program that goes beyond basic “friction-only” based sex that can only provide clitoral and penis orgasms that last for about 5 seconds. Our open (as opposed to contracted), orgasms last for minutes.. literally… and are deeper in the body and more satisfying.  For example a cervical womb orgasm typically lasts for 5 – 20 minutes, and can be felt for up to 3 days after intercourse…  leaving the woman more open, attracted to her partner, full or energy and reduces her “masculine shield”. See a review from a recent first time womb orgasm participant on the long term difference it can make in peoples lives.

When we ask our students who likes to be horny, everyone puts their hand up. But what happens when men ejaculate? They lose all their sexual energy and become sleepy. Is that 5 seconds of grunting-pleasure worth it to lose all your sexual energy? When people think about it they generally say “well yes” because there is no other alternative… until now.

The problem with normal sex is that it is goal-oriented towards release… a release that leaves men (and often women), disinterested in sex and less energy. The feminine is usually not very attracted when a greedy man touches her with goal-based and disconnected actions. Removing the short orgasm goal eliminates most of that issue.

The other problem with the usual “relief-based sex” is that it drains the creative thinking process. Reflect on it for a second… you create life out of your sexual energy… why waste it in a Kleenex masturbating to internet porn?  If a masculine person wants to keep young, full of energy and creative thinking, he needs to be careful with how much energy he spills. Same for women.. it just works in more subtle and complicated ways with the feminine.

The Advanced Sex™ program also teaches partners how to de-armour the vagina. Most women experience numbness deeper in the vagina, or even pain if the penis is pressed hard against the cervix. This is the result of stress in the vagina called “energetic armouring” and is removed in a process that results in “High Speed Therapy”. De-armouring takes about 40 minutes once or twice in a woman’s life and then regular 1 minute “top-ups” at the start of sex. The result is a softer vagina that can feel energy transfer from the penis… therefore not needing to rely only on friction to feel sexual sensations. In heterosexual sex, the man usually notices a difference in the amount of sexual energy that can be felt flowing into his penis from the vagina. See a full report from one of our students end to her years of search for g-spot orgasms. 98% of our students will experience g-spot orgasm with ejaculation (squirting).

The result is the woman’s sexual longing is totally fulfilled… and the man can experience whole body orgasms – without ejaculation, that end up leaving him feeling energized and creative.

Sound interesting? Why not? But most people are initialy (and healthily), skeptical when they hear these claims  and can’t believe it’s possible… or the addicted part of their minds (to the short orgasm) won’t admit there is anything wrong with basic level sex.

Just research a little and see if it is true. You don’t have much to loose.