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The New Tantra, the originator of Advanced Sex™,  is the only sexual education school in the world that can safely and consistently raise sexual energy in the spine in one weekend. 80% of TNT level 1 students experience a permanent opening of this energy. Difficult to believe? Check out effects page for testimonies that support these claims, or join our public Facebook group and connect with our students.



Welcome to The New Tantra

Welcome to the Advanced Sex TM program which will radically transform your sex life from the ordinary basic level sex to real life sexual magic:

  • Learn how to give and receive full body orgasms that can last for 20 minutes
  • Improve the intimacy with your partner
  • Release bodily shame and become more sexually relaxed and confident
  • Regain and sustain the passion in your long term relationship
  • Experience a deeper relaxation in your body releasing old tensions and contractions
  • Become a better lover and learn how to surrender in sexual bliss
  • Get inspired to spice up the sex life with your partner to make it fun and horny again
  • Learn how to make love for hours
  • Experience the rising of your sexual energy up through the spine
  • Achieve more energy to put into your daily life with your work, family, friends and children
  • Cure erectile dysfunction and learn how to stay erect for hours
  • Get better at communicating with your partner about your sexual desires

Join level 1 of the Advanced Sex TM program today.

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· Are you ready to use your sexuality as the engine for rocket fuel to reach Spirit into Heaven and to let that bliss integrate into your daily life? Becoming way more happy, clear and relaxed. Check out our calendar for an Intro Talk in your country.
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· Men’s workshop: Reclaiming your balls without loosing your Love by Alex Vartman. Buckle up guys: this is one of the most interesting and educational weekends of your life.
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· For all “Spiritual Warriors” who want to participate in the most challenging spiritual retreat “to find your life’s purpose.” Level 7 is on the calendar!
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